Solutions and Offerings

Corporate Learning Solutions

Performance Management: Driving Results through People

  • Demystifying Four Pillars of Performance Management
  • Align individuals with Organizational Goals
  • Invest in the Performance Zone-The Employee and Employer perspective
  • Technology as embodiment of Performance Support: EPSS, LMS, MOOCs, Simulation, Augmented Reality
  • Managing – People Management Basics for Generation X and Millenials
  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring – Creating “Stars” & Solid Citizens”
  • Performance Feedback Mechanism – Role of the Manager
  • Mapping levels of Employee Engagement- to elevate performance curve

Genesis of Leadership-Creation & Sustainability

  • Supercharge your next leadership initiative
  • LEAD-Identify the Leader in YOU
  • Succession Planning to prevent Corporate Euthanasia
  • Leadership Pipeline Creating Leaders for tomorrow
  • Managing Changing Paradigms- As Change Leader
  • Balancing four critical quadrants as a Leader

Fostering a Winning Culture

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Developing People Managers
  • Inducing Synergy in Teams
  • Developing High Performance Work Teams
  • Problem Solving and Group Dynamics
  • Journey from Settlers to Firefighters
  • "Gamification" creating a winning spirit
  • Myths about Conflicts: Effective Tools to handle conflicts

Carving and Shaping Sales & Service Skills

  • Sales Process Suspecting to After Sales Service
  • Key Account Management how to identify the right combination !
  • Recruitment key to effective sales
  • Customer Centricity
  • Creating WOW moments and Moments of truth
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Grievance Handle with Care

Soft Skills

  • Power of Speech Communicate to Succeed
  • How to be a good Listener
  • "Etiquettes" how to create a favorable impression
  • Deciphering Body Language
  • Time Management managing your most valuable resource
  • Stress Management: Power of healing
  • High Impact Presentation

Industry-Academia Interface Solutionss

NASSCOM study reveals that almost 60% of Indian graduates don’t have the right employability skills. Many industry experts see a “gap” in industry-institute cooperation. As a result a huge amount of money is spent on training the recruited students. This also acts as deterrent to fresh recruitments especially in this time of recession where jobs are few compared to number of applicants. Consequently, there is an urgent demand from corporate to improve the employability skills of fresh graduates. Through our Industry Academia Interface we wish to create day-one job ready professionals who are ready to take on the challenges posed to them.

  • Resume Writing Workshops & Resume Evaluation
  • Group Discussion and Mock Interviews
  • "Power of Speech" Overcoming Barriers to Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • "Teamwork" How to belong in the team
  • Prioritization and Time Management
  • Creating a favorable impression
  • "Decide the tomorrow today" the power of dream
  • “Do you have it in you????? How to become an Entrepreneur